How do I download my digital files?

Once you've completed your purchase and Shopify has processed your payment, you'll receive a download link in your browser window. You'll also receive an email from Shopify with a download link.

As my digital files are large, I provide all files in a single ZIP folder for each listing. Once you've downloaded the ZIP folder, extract the files. Look for an extract files or extract all option. You won't be able to print the files until you've extracted them.

Can you resize the digital items for me?

As the items are all digital, you can resize or crop them any way that you like in any photo editing program. There are also free website programs available for basic resizing.

I do resize items for an additional price. Visit the resizing add-on section of my shop. If you don't see an option that fits your resizing needs, please send me a message.

Do I need to purchase any specialty paper for printing vintage digital items?

No, you don't. The digital images you receive will print exactly as pictured in the listing photos. You don't need to purchase any sort of vintage-looking paper.

How do you recommend printing the vintage digital items?

For at-home printing, my personal recommendation for paper is Finestra Art Paper, which is available through Amazon.

You can also use a printing service of your choosing, which often more cost-effective, as vintage backgrounds use a lot of ink. Any popular printing service, such as Walgreens or Shutterfly, will work just fine.

Do you have a list of all of your available sheet music?

Unfortunately, I don't. I own over two dozen vintage hymn books and other sheet music collections. I have hundreds of songs in my inventory. If you're looking for a specific song, I'm happy to see if I have it available or if I can track down a new vintage source that contains it.

Can I download my files on my phone?

You can download your files on your phone, but I don't recommend it. The file sizes are very large. Additionally, many phones are not equipped to unzip files. The process goes much more smoothly on a computer.

Can you change a piece of sheet music from landscape to portrait orientation or vice versa?

In most instances, it's not possible to change a piece of sheet music from landscape to portrait orientation or vice versa without warping the text and music significantly. I understand that sometimes this reality is frustrating because people want to create sets of framed music with uniform orientation. Thanks for understanding!